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After-sale service commitment


Thank you for choosing Liming brand series generators. At the same time you get the best after-sale service, as well as standard parts supply provided by us.

Liming CO., LTD always insists that quality and customers come the first, and measures our works with customer satisfaction. We will solve any problems during the life cycle of your generators including application, maintenance, etc.

Liming CO., LTD provides you precautionary maintenance projects which will minimize your loss during breakdown times.

We are able to find out stock quantity of not-often-use parts and urgently needed parts in a short time and, we can immediately order raw materials and supply you accessories when your need them the most.

I Technical service system
First-level service agent: technical service departments of representatives and distributors
Second-level service agent: regional technical service center of Liming CO.,LTD.
Third-level service agent: after-sale service department of Liming CO.,LTD.

II Ways of service
1.Pre-sale technical support
We will actively assist our customers with initial works such as selection of generators, plant room design and installations. We will keep a close contact with clients and provide all necessary technical support and reasonable advice and suggestion.

2.In warranty period
Free maintenance is available if any fault occurs during warranty period; free parts replacement is provided and the warranty starts from the date of replacement; all fees occured will be responsible on us.

(1)Warranty period is for 1 year starting from the day of acceptance
Warranty period: one year or 1000 hours of use (whichever occurs 
The first) or according to terms provided in contract, all damage or failure will be fixed free of charge if the responsibility is on our part
(2)Quick-wear parts, daily-use parts, man-made mistakes, neglectful of maintenance etc. are not included in the warranty.
(3) After warranty period.
All parts will be provided at cost price and ensure that all unites will be repaired to normal use. We commit that a life-long follow-up service will be offered after warranty period.

III Service contents
1.Our service object is end customers of Liming generator sets.
2.When you are setting out to purchase or your are in use of generator sets, we will provide systematic and wide range of technical support.
Free consulting will be available for generators that meet your requirement
3.From the date of purchasing, we will help to check and position your generators to make sure they can be put into operation in the shortest time.
4.Free training of your technical stuff provided.
5.Precautionary maintenance offered to keep your operating cost in control.
6.Providing abundant spare parts and maintenance engineer at your service any time.
7.Providing free machine room design, power distributor design, and application standards of generator sets.

V Service commitment
1.Machine debugging
In receipt of a starting-up application, machine debugging will be processed immediately according to certain procedures
2.Fault repairs
In receipt of a maintenance fax, after-sale service department will fix problems caused by machine failure, electrical failure and starting-up failure within 8 hours.
We will establish customer’s technical records to regularly or irregularly contact with you to get to know machine conditions so as to keep your machine always in a good working condition. We will also keep your advice and suggestions for us.

VI Service network
Located in Jiangsu, China, our design, develop, production and sales center provides you 24-hour high quality, efficient and instant service.



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